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Nissan announces new corporate governance structure

YOKOHAMA, Japan – Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has implemented a new governance structure, transitioning to a company with three statutory committees. This follows the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (AGSM) held today where shareholders approved amendment of the Articles of Incorporation of the Company.
To ensure smooth operations under the new structure, the board of directors met after the AGSM and decided on detailed rules and policies, including corporate governance guidelines (see attachment), standards of director independence (see attachment), board and committee regulations and general internal control policies.
Board positions, committee members and executive officers are listed below.
Board of director positions
Chair Yasushi Kimura
Vice-chair Jean-Dominique Senard
Lead independent outside director Masakazu Toyoda

Nomination Committee members
Masakazu Toyoda (chair)  
Keiko Ihara  
Andrew House  
Yasushi Kimura  
Motoo Nagai  
Jean-Dominique Senard  

Compensation Committee members
Keiko Ihara (chair)  
Bernard Delmas  
Motoo Nagai  
Jenifer Rogers  

Audit Committee members
Motoo Nagai (chair)  
Masakazu Toyoda  
Yasushi Kimura  
Jenifer Rogers  
Thierry Bolloré  

Representative executive officers and executive officers
Newly created positionName
Representative executive officer, president and CEO Hiroto Saikawa
Representative executive officer, COO Yasuhiro Yamauchi
Executive officer, vice-COO/CQO (chief quality officer) Christian Vandenhende
Executive officer, CPLO (chief planning officer) Philippe Klein
Executive officer, CFO Hiroshi Karube
Executive officer, EVP Hideyuki Sakamoto
Executive officer, EVP Asako Hoshino
Executive officer, EVP Hitoshi Kawaguchi
Executive officer, EVP Kunio Nakaguro

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