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Nissan Safari Rally Z Tribute

  Nissan pays homage to its motorsports heritage with the Safari Rally Z Tribute1 built by Tommy Pike Customs and a replica Datsun 240Z Safari rally car at this year's SEMA show.

Celebrating a multi-decade legacy of rallying successes, the showcase vehicles will appear alongside other Nissan concepts and production models in the Las Vegas Convention Center West Hall, booth #52141, at the 2023 SEMA show, Oct. 31-Nov. 3.

With the seventh-generation Nissan Z winning fans on both road and race track, the Safari Rally Z Tribute imagines how the sports car could translate that exhilaration to adventures beyond the pavement. The styling of the car also pays homage to the Datsun 240Z rally car that won the 1971 East African Safari Rally.

Leaning into the trend for rugged, go-anywhere "safari" builds, Tommy Pike and his South Carolina-based team raised and toughened the car's suspension, adding commensurate lighting, durability and performance enhancements to ready the asphalt-oriented Z for the dusty world of rallying.

Custom KW Safari suspension and NISMO suspension parts raise the coupe's ride height by 2 inches, helping accommodate 17 x 7.5-inch prototype NISMO Safari wheels shod in dirt-ready Yokohama GEOLANDAR M/T G003 tires.

Protecting vital powertrain and chassis components are a new front bumper guard and skid plate, while an assortment of NISMO Off Road LED lights deliver additional illumination for dusty conditions or night racing. Key interior enhancements include a custom roll bar with 4-point harnesses and custom-trimmed Recaro Pole Position seats.

For further powertrain enhancements, the Safari Rally Z Tribute features an AMS-tuned, 400+ horsepower, VR30DDTT engine combined with a NISMO Track cat-back exhaust system, cold air intake, carbon fiber engine cover, coolant expansion tank, heat exchanger, and street twin-disc clutch and flywheel. Find full details on the vehicle's specifications in the complete build sheet.

Rally victories

No recounting of Nissan racing heritage is complete without noting the success of driver Edgar Herrmann and navigator Hans Schüller, who placed first over the 3,800-mile 1971 East African Safari Rally in the #11 Datsun 240Z race car. It's a milestone for the company that the new, twin-turbo Safari Z Tribute is intended to celebrate.

Notably, the 240Z victory marked the second consecutive win for a Datsun racer, with a Datsun Bluebird 1600SSS scoring the overall win in the grueling off-road contest's 18th year, 1970.

Bringing this racing heritage to life for SEMA attendees, Nissan is showcasing a vintage replica of the rally-winning 240Z, offering a side-by-side look at the through-line of the company's racing and sports car legacies.

On loan from collector Randy Jaffe, the car was restored in 2013 to drivable, period-correct condition. Eagle-eyed fans will recognize the vehicle from the recent Nissan commercial, "60 Years in 30 Seconds," with star Brie Larson piloting numerous heritage Nissan and Datsun vehicles.

Seiko Safari Z watch

Nissan is also building on the Z showcase at SEMA to introduce a limited-edition Seiko Safari Z watch that pays homage to the Seiko sponsorship graphics on the original race-winning 240Z rally car.

The watch is limited to just 240 pieces, with "Safari" and "Z" branding plus a Nissan "23" race number on its face. Each watch will be individually numbered on the caseback. Watches will be available beginning Oct. 31 at

  1. Specially modified vehicle, not available for purchase.

Nissan production, sales, and exports for September and April-September 2023


YOKOHAMA, Japan – Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced production, sales, and export figures for September and for the six months from April to September 2023.

1. Production

September 2023

  • Global production in September declined 2.8% from a year earlier.
  • Production in Japan surpassed year-earlier results by 21.2%.
  • Production outside Japan declined 7.9% from a year earlier.

April–September 2023

  • Global production in the April-September period surpassed year-earlier results by 2.8%.
  • Production in Japan surpassed year-earlier results by 38.7%.
  • Production outside Japan declined 3.9% from a year earlier.


2. Sales

September 2023

  • Global sales in September surpassed year-earlier results by 9.7%.
  • Sales including minivehicles in Japan surpassed year-earlier results by 10.6%.

・Sales of registered vehicles in Japan surpassed year-earlier results by 12.3%.

・Minivehicle sales in Japan surpassed year-earlier results by 8.0%.

  • Sales outside Japan surpassed year-earlier results by 9.5%.

April–September 2023

  • Global sales in the April-September period surpassed year-earlier results by 5.5%
  • Sales including minivehicles in Japan surpassed year-earlier results by 10.7%.

・Sales of registered vehicles in Japan surpassed year-earlier results by 16.1%.

・Minivehicle sales in Japan surpassed year-earlier results by 2.5%.

  • Sales outside Japan surpassed year-earlier results by 4.7%.


3. Exports from Japan

September 2023

  • Exports from Japan in September surpassed year-earlier results by 39.0%.

April–September 2023

  • Exports from Japan in the April-September period surpassed year-earlier results by 73.2%.

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Project Rugged Rogue


Project Rugged Rogue

Headed into the great outdoors is Project Rugged Rogue1, which reimagines the crossover SUV for family adventures – self-reliant, off-road travel and camping. Building on the recently refreshed 2024 Rogue, the concept features prototype NISMO Off Road components that make it better suited to journeys away from the pavement, including:

  • Custom NISMO Off Road 3-inch suspension lift kit
  • Prototype NISMO Off Road wheels, 18 x 8.5 inches, with Yokohama GEOLANDAR M/T G003 tires
  • Custom NISMO Off Road dual-exit center exhaust
  • Custom carbon fiber fender flares and rear spoiler
  • Prototype NISMO Off Road roof rack with NISMO Off Road 6-inch round driving lights
  • Prototype NISMO Off Road front bumper guard with NISMO Off Road 6-inch round driving lights
  • Custom NISMO Off Road rock rails
  • Hood-mounted NISMO Off Road 4-inch round driving lights
  • Roof-mounted kayak and mountain bike racks


Sentra DET Concept


Sentra DET Concept

Nissan’s popular Sentra compact sedan gets a serious injection of speed with the Sentra DET Concept1. Inspired by the cars used in the Sentra Cup spec-racing series in Canada, which adds a U.S. round in 2024, the dynamic concept pays homage to Nissan’s past, beloved SE-R models and NISMO heritage. Showcasing exciting performance upgrades for today’s Sentra enthusiasts, it captures the spirit of Nissan's performance legacy, offering an exciting blend of style and dynamic enhancements.

Even before reviewing the build sheet, Nissan fans will have a hint as to the concept car’s powertrain thanks to its DET name – referencing some of the most popular Nissan performance engines of years past. Translating to “Dual overhead cam, Electronic Fuel Injection, Turbo,” the acronym has adorned the engines of thrilling Nissans like the Silvia / 180SX, Pulsar GTI-R, Skyline and Stagea.

Fittingly, the heart of the Sentra DET concept is a performance-built turbocharged MR20DD 2.0-liter engine mated to a 6-speed manual transmission and a prototype stainless-steel NISMO B18 performance exhaust that adds a deep engine tone.

Complementing the increased power, the concept rides on a prototype NISMO coilover suspension featuring twin-tube shocks and linear-rate springs, fine-tuned with the input of GT4 professional racer Bryan Heitkotter.

The concept also includes new 18-inch NISMO LM-RS6 wheels with various finish options, wrapped in high-performance Yokohama ADVAN Neova® AD09 tires. Inside are Recaro Sportster CS front seats and a NISMO GT shift knob.

Forsberg Frontier Off-Road Race Truck


Forsberg Frontier Off-Road Race Truck

With the Frontier Off-Road Race Truck1, Nissan once again collaborated with Forsberg Racing and multi-time Formula Drift champ Chris Forsberg. The Forsberg Racing team developed this truck, outfitted with NISMO Off Road parts, for the rigors of the NORRA 500 off-road race. Chris Forsberg and Yokohama teammate, Leticia Bufoni, entered this year’s race in the stock production class and took home the first-place win in the category. Their success is a testament to the durability of Frontier, and the targeted upgrades provided by NISMO Off Road products.

“Racing the Forsberg Frontier Off-Road Race Truck at the NORRA 500 was an exhilarating experience,” said Forsberg. “Nissan and the Forsberg Racing team have created a true beast of a machine.”

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Nissan unveils the Nissan Hyper Tourer concept, the future of premium mobility

Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. today unveiled the Nissan Hyper Tourer, the third in its series of advanced electric-vehicle (EV) concepts that will feature at the Japan Mobility Show starting October 25. The Nissan Hyper Tourer will appear at the show in physical form.

This all-electric minivan focuses on nurturing and reinforcing the bond between people as they journey together. The Nissan Hyper Tourer concept is geared toward individuals who appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy the company of friends and associates, whether on a road trip or business outing.

The Nissan Hyper Tourer combines the essence of omotenashi (Japanese hospitality) with various advanced technologies, including autonomous driving. The V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) functionality and high-capacity battery also allows electricity to be supplied to homes, stores, and offices, while traveling and on various business occasions.

The exterior, which conveys a sense of the comfort within, is composed of smooth body panels and sharp character lines that demonstrate traditional Japanese beauty, and its imposing appearance harmonizes with the surrounding landscape. The sides flow diagonally from the front to the rear fender for higher aerodynamic performance and the impression of the smooth drive resulting from the combination of EV and autonomous drive. The white waistline serves as a headlight and signature lamp, while the kumiko-patterned wheels and the soft, straight body line create a premium feel beyond the concept’s class.

The spacious interior is made possible thanks to the Nissan EV Technology Vision, which consolidates compact components and high-energy density all-solid-state batteries to create innovate car packaging. The result is an ultra-low center of gravity, which when combined with the vehicle’s advanced e-4ORCE all-wheel control system produces smooth and flat acceleration and deceleration. The overhead console and lighting feature traditional Japanese kumiko and koushi patterns that create a sense of luxury, while the flat LED panel in the floor displays imagery of a riverbed and the sky, helping creating a relaxing space where digital and nature are fused.

Fully autonomous driving enables those in the driver’s seat to focus on interacting with their travel companions. The front seats can swivel 360 degrees, allowing front- and rear-seat passengers to have face-to-face discussions. Rear-seat passengers can use a wearable display to view and operate the navigation and audio on the front-seat center display, creating a sense of unity among all occupants. Also, an innovative AI system can monitor your biometric signs—including brain waves, heart rate, breathing and perspiration—and automatically select complementary music and adjust the lighting to fit your mood.

With the Nissan Hyper Tourer concept, Nissan re-envisions the group road trip by combining the comfort of a luxurious living room with the convenience of a passenger van – all contained in a stylish and futuristic package.

Nissan unveils all-electric, high-performance Nissan Hyper Force concept at Japan Mobility Show

 - Nissan booth showcases all-encompassing approach to mobility and energy for now and the future, for Japan and beyond

- Company foresees and meets future customer needs and lifestyles with an impressive lineup of EV concepts, including the series finale, the Nissan Hyper Force

October 25, 2023


YOKOHAMA, Japan – At the Japan Mobility Show today, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. unveiled the Nissan Hyper Force, the resounding finale to its innovative series of five “hyper” concept vehicles. With one EV concept revealed every week since Oct 3 leading up to the show, Nissan displayed its ability to envision a wide range of future customer needs and lifestyles, and to enrich people’s lives with innovation and excitement.


Nissan president and CEO Makoto Uchida said: “All five concept cars showcased today are symbols of the future and embody our founding spirit of ‘daring to do what others don’t’. We have advanced our EV innovations, moving beyond mobility to create a more sustainable world. The EVs symbolize our future of creating a cleaner, safer, and more inclusive world for everybody without compromising on passions and dreams. Through the power of innovation, Nissan is creating a future where everyone can enjoy the excitement of mobility.”



The Nissan Hyper Force, a game-changing hyper EV


It’s an all-electric high-performance supercar aiming to deliver the ultimate in driving pleasure while also offering high environmental performance and comfort for daily use.

At its core is a high-output all-electric powertrain with an optimal-weight-balancing, all-solid-state battery that can produce output up to 1,000 kW with precise and rapid acceleration. Powerful downforce, an advanced form of Nissan’s e-4ORCE all-wheel control technology, and light-weight body featuring high-strength carbon promise enhanced cornering and exceptional handling on circuits and winding roads.

The exterior design, with its wide and planted proportions, is a blend of sleek curves merging seamlessly with bold geometry that reflects the performance underneath. Incorporated throughout the design are elements, such as on the front and rear lamps, that pay homage to Nissan’s high-performance cars.

The exterior achieves high aerodynamic performance, which was developed together with the NISMO racing team, generating powerful downforce. The two-tiered aerodynamic structure under the front hood provides both strong downforce and high cooling performance. Meanwhile, the dual-level* rear diffuser optimally controls airflow. The front canards, front fender flip and both ends of the rear wing feature unique active aero functionality, while a newly developed plasma actuator suppresses air detachment to maximize grip and minimize inner-wheel lift during cornering. The lightweight forged carbon wheels aid aerodynamics and brake cooling.



The concept features two driving modes, “R” (racing) and “GT” (grand touring). The graphical user interface changes color and display according to the mode, and is designed to instantly display the most needed information for the driver in line with the driving circumstances. These graphics are the result of collaboration with Polyphony Digital Inc.

In R mode the cabin illuminates in red and creates an intuitive cockpit centered around the driver to support concentration. Panels on the dashboard extend toward the seating space to enhance the cockpit feel around the driver. Meanwhile, four satellite screens around the steering wheel display tire grip and temperature, air pressure, brake rotor temperature, power distribution and other information invaluable for racing.

In GT mode, the cabin illuminates in blue and the screens surrounding the steering wheel move away and combine together, providing an immersive experience with a simpler infotainment interface, including air conditioning, audio, suspension and stabilizer settings, for a comfortable drive. The suspension and stabilizers have been designed as world-firsts that can be easily operated on screen while driving*.

The driver and front passenger seats are made of lightweight, highly rigid carbon fiber that allows comfortable long-distance driving, and are equipped with four-point seat belts.

Safety plays a crucial role in this concept car’s equation. Thanks to advanced autonomous drive with hyper LIDAR and an array of sensors tuned for sports driving, the vehicle is designed to ensure a high level of safety both on public roads and on the circuit.



Elevating the Nissan Hyper Force’s appeal is an innovative augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experience that enables driving in both the real and the virtual world seamlessly. When the vehicle is stopped, the driver can use a special helmet with blind visors for VR that enables entering a gamified driving experience, complete with modes that enable racing against the clock or online racers. By using skeleton visors for AR, the driver can complete against their own, friends’ or even professional drivers’ digital ghosts on a circuit, allowing users to safely push their driving skills on real-world tracks.

Marking a paradigm shift in the performance-car genre, the Nissan Hyper Force caters to the ever-evolving preferences of environmentally conscious customers. With its eco-friendliness, electrifying performance, and cutting-edge safety equipment, this concept is Nissan’s vision for a next-generation all-electric high-performance supercar.

Nissan display models at the Japan Mobility Show

The Nissan Hyper Force joins a bevy of other innovative and noteworthy Nissan vehicles on display at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, also the year that Nissan is marking its 90th anniversary.

Nissan is highlighting a future of electrified mobility accessible to a wider group of people with diverse needs, and vehicle intelligence and connectivity that can make life easier, more connected and more exciting. Furthermore, Nissan is showcasing its comprehensive approach to creating an EV ecosystem that can help bring about a more sustainable society.

Through the show, Nissan is working with various partners to empower Japan and beyond:


  • The Nissan Hyper Force features the results of collaboration with Polyphony Digital Inc., a subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment and makers of the Gran Turismo video game, utilizing each company’s strengths.

  • A music video livestreamed on Nissan’s YouTube channel features the music of six artists active in Japan and overseas, representing a mix of music and concept cars.


Nissan is also implementing new initiatives to provide customers of all ages with a variety of touch points such as an online game named “Electrify the World” in Fortnite for their enjoyment**.


The Japan Mobility Show will be open to the public from October 28 to November 5. Nissan’s display is in East Hall 4.

Please click the links below to learn more about Nissan’s exhibits and initiatives for the Japan Mobility Show 2023.