segunda-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2019

The finalists for Toyota's Mobility Unlimited Challenge

Evolution Devices Evowalk

According to the device-maker, the Evowalk is a "non-intrusive sleeve which goes around the user's leg and has sensors that track the user's walking motion and will stimulate the right muscles at the right time."

Italdesign Moby

This wheelchair, called Moby, is from well-known Italian company Italdesign.

Phoenix AI

Simply called the Phoenix AI, this chair is made from carbon fiber, and "will configure itself to what the user is doing so it remains in sync with how the user moves," according to the company.


Japan's University of Tsukuba created the Qolo, a sort of abbreviation for "quality of life with locomotion."


This robotic exoskeleton comes from IHMC and MYOLYN, based in the US.

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