quinta-feira, 5 de julho de 2018

Muitos elogios ao Kicks na imprensa norte-americana

Sometimes you feel that as good as life is, it can always better. It’s like eating a hamburger and realizing that it would have been tastier with melted cheese on it. But then you look at the person seated near you eating a bologna sandwich and realize that things could always be worse.
It’s not unlike traveling abroad.
As nice as it is to experience different countries, upon returning, you feel lucky to live in America. Because, for example, if you live in Brazil and want to buy the new Nissan Kicks, you’ll find it’s a pricey premium vehicle, something it’s not in the United States. Here, the new 2018 Kicks is an amazing value that starts at $17,995. Offered in ascending S, SV and SR models, this vehicle is filled with features that, for the money, make it a great value, like a 60 percent off sale at Macy’s.

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