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Ultimate Urban Test Drive for Nissan KICKS e-POWER proves acceleration, fuel efficiency


December 15, 2021

BANGKOK, Thailand – Nissan Thailand created an urban test drive to showcase the best of city-living lifestyles, and how Nissan Kicks e-POWER consumer benefits like outstanding acceleration and fuel efficiency make it the best choice for stylish city-drivers.

With fuel prices rising, more consumers are looking to technology to reduce overall costs. Depending on the conditions, e-POWER can approximately give 30% better fuel efficiency during city driving, by using regeneration energy in its S-Mode or Eco-Mode.

To test e-POWER's city capabilities, the caravan began with a city drive out of Sathorn, using Kicks e-POWER one-pedal system. This gives drivers the choice to combine the brake and accelerator into one easy pedal, perfect for traffic jams as it reduces foot movement by 70%, reducing the `stop-start' motion needed.

To give the full city and surburban drive experience, the drive tested the Kick's acceleration by travelling on the Chalongrat Express Way, the 6-lane elevated road with a total length of 18.7 km. As one of Bangkok's main expressways, with an average daily traffic volume of more than 200,000 cars each day 1, this was a true test of one of the most driven routes in Bangkok, showcased the high acceleration portion of the drive.

With a zero-second delay when pressing the accelerator, the time to reach G-Force peak acceleration using e-POWER is approximately 50% faster than conventional hybrid vehicles. This is important when commuters need to swap from urban traffic, to highways that require speed and acceleration to confidently change lanes. Even better, the e-POWER system is specially calibrated that even though its very fast, Nissan's expertise allows a smooth ride with precise motor torque control - meaning that every 1/10,000th of a second, the acceleration is tuned to a precise level.

"Kicks e-POWER in City Drive Mode is up to 2.3 times more fuel efficient than a standard 1.8l ICE vehicle, and this is just one example at this event to give real-life examples of how and why Nissan Kicks e-POWER is the perfect driving companion to match modern lifestyles. With its sleek design, cutting-edge technology that gives the benefits of an electric vehicle, with the ease of no charging," said Isao Sekiguchi, President of Nissan Thailand.

Combining a 111 km trek across urban and suburban Bangkok, the drive combined the best street food, an urban nature getaway, then a trip to Bangkok's tallest tower to view the Nissan kicks e-POWER Sky Edition, as the sun set across the city skyline.

Under the theme: Let's Recharge your energy with e-POWER, the event started with breakfast at the newly opened Thai Taste Hub at Mahanakorn Cube. The modern concept food hall offers Thailand's most famous street foods, all awarded by the Michelin Guide, in one place. From Chumphon Patongko from Buriram, to Lim Lao Sa, the legendary fish ball originally from Songwad Road with 80 years of legacy and more.  

A key part of city life is being able to have the huge range of entertainment and dining on your doorstep yet be able to choose to escape the city buzz without travelling far. To encapsulate this, the drive went to RakdokLalagoon, Bangkok's new `Floral Destination.' Just 1 hour drive from the city center, the iconic location was designed to allow city residents to get close to nature, fresh air and flowers to enjoy with friends, family and pets. The RakDok team has modeled a small lakeside village into restaurants and shops. As well as an outdoor flower exhibition, and water sports on the adjacent lake to do SUPING, kayaking and more.

Then under the crisp blue sky, test drive participants could see the new Kicks e-POWER Sky Edition. The limited edition created under the theme of `Fabulous Forward,' is inspired by the blue sky and clouds. And features an impressive accessory package that accentuates its exterior design, adding sports accents to stand out on the streets, including front, rear and side under protectors in black, a roof spoiler in white, 17-inch Black Alloy wheels, and `SKY EDITION' branding. The interior boasts a Sport pedal, and `SKY EDITION' carpet. The Nissan KICKS e-POWER Sky Edition is available at 1,074,000 Thai baht.

Finally arriving back to Bangkok's tallest building, to see the sunset as a tribute to the new Kicks Sky Edition, and good new year wishes from stylish and powerful Kicks e-POWER.

"Nissan Kicks e-POWER is created to be the perfect city driving companion. After winning multiple awards, e-POWER represents the next level of driving because it delivers rapid yet smooth acceleration, instant torque, a quiet cabin and superb fuel efficiency," said Isao Sekiguchi, President of Nissan Thailand. "With more than 500,000 e-POWER vehicles sold in Japan alone, e-POWER supports Thailand's transition to electrified vehicles by giving resource-efficient, emissions-reducing technology, that customers can choose according to their lifestyles. To get the benefits of an Electric vehicle, as the charging infrastructure is being created. This test drive was to prove that with Nissan Kicks e-POWER: One drive, and you will love it." 

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