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Nissan Reports August 2022 Sales in China

 BEIJING (September 6, 2022) – Nissan in China sold 99,570 units in August, including 88,133 passenger vehicle (PV) units, including Nissan + Venucia + INFINITI brands, and 11,437 light commercial vehicle (LCV) units for of Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. (DFAC) and Zhengzhou Nissan (ZNA), a 12.0%, 8.9%, and 30.4% decline year on year, respectively. Nissan’s PV business in China sold 88,133 units in August, an increase of 1.9% month-on-month.

Nissan’s PV and LCV sales in China reached 745,793 vehicles from January to August of the year, a 18.5% decline year on year, resulting from continued external headwinds, including industry-wide parts and chip shortages and pandemic disruptions.

 Nissan scope (PV + LCV + CBU)


  vs CY 2021  

  CY 2022 YTD  

  vs 2021  





 DFL-PV (Nissan + Venucia + INFINITI*)


  vs CY 2021  

  CY 2022 YTD  

  vs 2021  








  vs CY 2021  

  CY 2022 YTD  

  vs 2021  





Note: Nissan announces rounded flash results to the media.

Nissan reports retail sales for PV and wholesale sales for LCV

“We are encouraged to see our passenger vehicle business in August continue to improve month on month, as the industry-wide chip shortage and pandemic conditions improved,” said Shohei Yamazaki, senior vice president of Nissan, chairman of the Management Committee for China and president of Dongfeng Motor Ltd. (DFL).

Yamazaki said the business environment will remain uncertain for the rest of the year, but with the improvement in the parts supply and overall pandemic situation across the country and a series of government incentives to stimulate auto consumption, “we look forward to seeing continued recovery of the business through the end of the year and beyond.”


< Nissan scope (PV + LCV + CBU) >

   •    99,570 vehicles were sold in August under the Nissan scope.

< DFL-PV (Nissan + Venucia + INFINITI*): Part of Nissan scope >

   •    The sales volume of Dongfeng Nissan (including Nissan, Venucia and INFINITI brands) in August reached 88,133 units, an increase of 1.9% month on month. The sales volume of the Nissan brand reached 80,006 units in August. The Venucia brand sold 7,637 vehicles, a 31.5% increase year on year.

   •    Dongfeng Nissan sold 623,413 vehicles in the first eight months of the year. Nissan sold 556,032 units. Venucia sold 62,331 units, an increase of 35.0% year on year. 

< Nissan’s LCV (Dongfeng Automobile Co. Ltd and Zhengzhou Nissan) : Part of Nissan scope >

   •    Nissan’s LCV sales in China stood at 11,437 vehicles in August. DFAC’s August sales reached 8,324 vehicles, while Zhengzhou Nissan’s August sales stood at 3,113 vehicles. 

   •    LCV business (DFAC + ZNA) sold 122,380 units, a 24.7% decline year on year.

2/Product topics

   •    Dongfeng Nissan’s performance in August was driven by its sedan and SUV series across the Nissan, Venucia, and INFINITI brands.

        ➢  As for Nissan Sedans, Altima sold 14,176 units in August, and year-todate sales reached 104,686 units, an increase of 12% year on year. The SYLPHY series sold 43,810 units in August, an increase of 12.1% month on month.

        ➢  As for SUVs, sales reached 23,834 units in August (incl. Nissan & Venucia 

& INFINITI brands). The QASHQAI sold 15,358 units in August, an increase of 15% year on year, breaking its August sales record. Sales of Murano, X-Trail, QASHQAI and Kicks all improved month on month.

        ➢  Venucia’s August sales were boosted mainly by the Venucia V-online (3,072 vehicles), and D60 series (3,992 vehicles). The Venucia D60EV sold 3,397 units, an 276% increase year on year. 

        ➢  INFINITI’s August sales were driven mainly by the QX50, Q50L, and allnew QX60. 

   •    DFAC sold 90,707 vehicles from January to August, including 11,392 NEVs and 5,650 units for export.

   •    Zhengzhou Nissan’s August sales continued to be driven by its pickup and SUV businesses, including Nissan Navara and the Dongfeng Rich-brand pickup series(2,222).

* INFINITI sales include both CBU and local production

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