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The all-new Nissan Z was made for corners. The 99 Bends Road has lots of them. Welcome to TaZmania


To celebrate the impending launch of the all-new Nissan Z — the seventh-generation version of one of the world's most iconic nameplates — a special-edition Z PROTO has been unleashed upon the 99 Bends Road in Queenstown, Tasmania, to give customers a sense of the exhilarating drive experience that's now just around the corner.

Known as the most scenic road in Tasmania, the 99 Bends is also one of the country's most exciting, linking together every type of corner imaginable into one thrilling ribbon of tarmac as it climbs from Queenstown, up the slopes of Mount Owen, and into Gormanston.

Used as a Targa Tasmania stage, and considered by many to be among the event's toughest, the road is the ultimate test for any performance car.

But the all-new Z isn't just any performance car. Distilling more than 50 years of history into one incredible vehicle, the all-new Z is the fastest and most powerful example of this iconic model yet.

"Australia's Z fans have been waiting patiently for the new icon of Nissan performance to arrive, and we wanted to give them an idea of just what to look forward to," said Nissan Australia Managing Director, Adam Paterson.

"So what better place to send Nissan's all-new Z than to one of Australia's finest driving roads? All that's left now is to sit back, turn the volume right up, and enjoy the show."

Equipped with a 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6, the all-new Z produces 298kW and 475Nm - almost 22 per cent and 31 per cent more than its predecessor - ensuring exhilarating performance, and delivering a zero-to-100km/h dash now around 15 per cent quicker than the 370Z it replaces.

The vehicle's power-to-weight ratio has been improved by 13 per cent, and the enhanced body rigidity and wider front tyres also help increase maximum cornering g by up to 13 per cent.

The all-new Z was designed for roads just like the 99 Bends, with front and rear dampers that deliver a 20 per cent reduction in dampening force to help smooth uneven surfaces, improve stability and enhance road-following performance.

The front double-wishbone aluminium suspension also features new geometry that improves straight line stability, while a two-point front strut tower brace is standard, along with ventilated disc brakes and high-performance tyres.

The countdown to the all-new Z's official launch in Australia continues.

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