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To no one’s surprise, Nissan GT-R sales take a dip in 2024

 Remember the time when the Nissan GT-R used to be advertised as a Porsche killer? That’s all the way back to 2007, when indeed it was scary to 997 Porsches out there. That’s a whole 17-year period since new.

Porsche has already gone through the 991 generation and it’s well within the 992 while Nissan is still offering the exact same car (albeit with some minor changes). It’s no surprise that sales for the GT-R have averaged just one unit per day during 2024. mark since 2018, and 2024 is the year it sold a total of 77 units during Q1, which is less than 30 per month.

A quick analysis on the possible causes easily leads us to a hefty price increase from an original $70,000 MSRP to today’s $123,000. While inflation plays a part in this difference, it still suffers a $18,000 variation in price if we adjust the original MSRP for inflation.

Eighty five horse power is all the car has grown in 17 years, not quite enough to justify the price, and while the next generation is already in the works (as confirmed by Nissan North America’s Senior Vice President), it is probable that we get either a performance-focused hybrid or that Nissan goes a step beyond making it an EV.

No actual statement has been officially made on whether this next generation will be ready to immediately substitute the current GT-R, or if they’re pulling the plug on it and waiting on a future return on a new platform.

At GTspirit we’ll all be glad to announce whatever news Nissan releases regarding the GT-R, and excited for what’s to come. Do you think it will return as a Porsche killer?

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