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API SP-standard 5W30


Nissan's 5W30 fully-synthetic oil offers five unique benefits, elevating engine performance and protection, while confidently tackling the challenging weather of the Middle East.

API SP Standard Certified

The high-quality 5W30 meets the SP standard set by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and is the highest oil grade specification available in the region. Achieving this standard means that the NGMO 5W30 offers protection against low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) and abnormal combustion, reducing the chances of piston breakage and engine damage.

Improved Acceleration

By significantly reducing friction inside the engine, Nissan's 5W30 oil offers a 5% improvement in acceleration when compared to conventional products of the same viscosity grade. This makes for a more dynamic and engaging experience behind the wheel, maximizing performance and thrill.

Enhanced Efficiency

Greatly surpassing the GF-6A requirements of a 1% improvement in fuel efficiency, Nissan's 5W30 oil records an increase of up to 3%. While this is dependent on multiple external factors including driving habits, road conditions, and climatic conditions, the fully-synthetic 5W30 oil aids drivers in saving fuel and lowering environmental impact.

Reduced Engine Noise

Compared to traditional motor oils, Nissan's 5W30 fully-synthetic oil is designed to offer better engine lubrication and noise dampening, reducing engine noise by up to 32% under acceleration. This in turn allows drivers to enjoy a smoother, more refined, and luxurious driving experience.

Decreased Vibration

Lastly, the higher viscosity of the 5W30 motor oil also results in decreased vibration within the engine, resulting in a reduction in engine vibration of 24% while idling and 16% while driving under 2,000 RPM.

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