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Nissan GT-R 2025 models launch in Japan


March 14, 2024

Nissan today launched its 2025 GT-R models in Japan, with initial sales planned to start in June.


Nissan GT-R Premium Edition

Nissan GT-R Premium Edition T-spec

Nissan GT-R NISMO Special Edition


Dedicated to “pursuing the ultimate driving pleasure,” the GT-R R35 has steadily evolved since debuting in 2007 as Nissan's flagship super sports car.

The 2025 GT-R Premium Edition T-spec and the GT-R Track Edition engineered by NISMO incorporate high precision weight-balanced piston rings, connecting rods and crankshafts — previously only available in the GT-R NISMO Special Edition — for snappier revs and faster turbo spooling. Both models also feature GT-R-exclusive aluminum takumi certification name plates as well as gold-colored model number plates in the engine compartment. The Premium Edition is available with the special new interior color, Blue Heaven.


Premium Edition’s special Blue Heaven interior color

Takumi aluminum nameplates


Model number plates


2025 NISSAN GT-R Premium Edition (Japan-market version)

DriveEngineGradeTransmissionPrice* (yen)
4WDVR38DETTGT-R Pure EditionGR6 dual clutch14,443,000
GT-R Black Edition16,115,000
GT-R Premium Edition15,587,000
GT-R Premium Edition T-spec20,350,000
GT-R Track Edition engineered by NISMO18,535,000
GT-R Track Edition engineered by NISMO T-spec22,891,000
*Recommended retail price for the Japan market (including consumption tax)


GT-R NISMO Special Edition (Japan-market version)

DriveEngineGradeTransmissionPrice* (yen)
4WDVR38DETT (NISMO special tuning)GT-R NISMOGR6 dual clutch30,085,000
GT-R NISMO Special Edition30,613,000
*Recommended retail price for the Japan market (including consumption tax)


*Orders can now be placed at Nissan dealers and Nissan High Performance Centers. Production is limited and some orders might not be accepted.


Nissan GT-R online catalogue



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